Stephen Kempisty

Web Developer | Los Angeles


Rocket League 2D

Rocket League 2D is a top down car soccer game. Built for two player same screen play, Rocket League 2D uses JavaScript and CanvasJS to run the game loop and display the action. Collision detection and response algorithms using vector calculus accurately recognize object collisions and are tuned to respond as realistically as possible depending on the conditions of the collision.

Planned features include an explanation of controls popup, car to car collision detection and response, and curved corners for the soccer field.

Check It Out!

Check It Out! is a message board app built with Ruby on Rails. Demonstrates full CRUD capabilities on RESTful resources and nested RESTful resources using Active Record.

Users can sign up to post under your own profile or simply post anonymously. Users can "follow" other users and comment on posts or other comments.


Wander is a MEN Stack app that allows a user to turn their Flickr albums into a map showing the location where each picture was taken along with a graphical representation of the journey taken while snapping photos on that trip. Wander accesses Flickr’s API to grab a user’s Flickr albums, made as efficient as possible by utilizing Oauth with Flickr. When an album is selected, Wander extracts that album’s photo URLs and EXIF location data to build a “trip.”

Wander is still in development. Plans to finish the app include a feed page to show off your trips, and finishing design work for all Wander pages.

Brew Genius

Brew Genius is a MEAN Stack app that allows users to save a targeted list of beers they find using BreweryDB’s API. Brew Genius uses an Angular front-end creating a single page app. Keeping track of a logged in user is handled by JSON web tokens, and all API requests are done client side using AJAX.

About Me

Stephen Kempisty

I'm a Los Angeles based web developer with a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and the MEAN stack. I have a background in engineering, working at Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, VA for three years where I focused on technical writing, test planning/execution and functioning as a technical advisor for multiple project officers. In my off-time, I started to teach myself basic web technologies which revived the enthusiasm I had found for coding in college. Once I moved out to Los Angeles, I acted on that enthusiasm and started at General Assembly to build up my skills in order to become a professional web developer. I bring with me an engineer's mindset, including a history of problem solving, positive client interaction, and the ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technically minded audiences.